Annual report 2004

The Polish Maintenance Society
on activity in the year of 2004

1. The year of 2004 was the last of the term of office for Board of the Polish Maintenance Society. New Management has been elected for next three years (2004-2007) and consists of:
– President – Prof. Andrzej Niewczas
– Secretary of Board – Dr Krzysztof Olejnik
– Treasurer (financial Manager) – Dr Paweł Droździel

Society has changed abode to Warsaw, street Jagiellońska 80 – pavilion PBW&E belongs to Motor Transport Institute.
Information package of Society are given in Society’s directory nr 14 as well as in website (internet windows of Society are managed by Dr Olejnik).

2. New six institutions have got status of contributors (supported members). There is Society with membership of 180 full fellows and 12 contributors at present.
Two important persons have become honorary members. There are Prof. Stanisław Piasecki from Institute of Systems Research of Polish Academy Science and Prof. Tomasz Otmianowski from Kielce University of Technology.

3. Eight scientific seminaries were organized in 2004 by Society as follows:
– „Some problems of maintenance of machines and transport vehicles” – Lublin University of Technology, Lublin, March 29th, 2004;
– „Some problems of maintenance of road building objects” – Kielce University of Technology, Kielce, May 14th, 2004;
– „Some problems of maintenance of machines and transport vehicles due to European rules” – Institute of Vehicle Transportation, Warsaw, May 31st, 2004;
– „Organization process of scientific unions (teams)” – Lublin University of Technology, Kazimierz n/Wisłš, June 24th, 2004;
– „Some problems of maintenance of machines, safety and environment protection in strip mining” – Congress Centre Kleszczów near Bełchatów brown-coal open mining fields, July 2nd, 2004;
– „Maintenance criterions for material engineering” – Motor Transport Institute, Warsaw, September 6th, 2004;
– „Some problems of maintenance of machines due to European Community Projects” – Kielce University of Technology, Kielce, October 2nd, 2004;
– „Some problems of maintenance of weapons and army machinery” – The Tadeusz Koœciuszko Land Forces Military Academy, Wroclaw, December 3rd, 2004.

4. Society organized workshop on „Maintenance and Diagnostics of electronic control systems of delivery cars”.

5. Members of Society took part in scientific conference and meeting as follows:
– three people in 17th European Congress of Maintenance „Euromaintenance’2004” in Barcelona (Spain, May 11th – 13th, 2004) – Dr Olejnik gave a lecture,
– five fellows in 2nd World Congress of Maintenance in Curitiba (Brazil, September 12-17th, 2004) – Prof. Niewczas, Prof. Merkisz, Dr Olejnik presented the papers. It has come into contact with Brazilian Maintenance Society.
– Dr Olejnik took part in General Meeting of European Maintenance Society (EFNMS) in Bratislava (Slovakia, October 30th, 2004). It started co-operation with Slovakian Maintenance Society.

6. Polish Maintenance Society returned to appoint to a post of experts of Society. There have been four new experts in 2004.

7. Society has still published quarterly scientific journal „Maintenance and Reliability”. It is given in two languages versions (Polish and English). Journal is a pointed by the Ministry of Science and Informatics.

of Polish Maintenance Society

Prof. Andrzej Niewczas